3 Tips To Turn Dreams Into Reality

You may be eye rolling at the cheesiness (is that a word!?) of my title. But it’s true. I’m about to share 3 tips with you that helped turn my dreams of private practice and entrepreneur life into reality. Don’t stop reading yet - this is for everyone. My dreams look different than your dreams, and I love that! So these tips apply to you whether you dream of owning a business, being a mom, moving to a new city, taking up a new hobby or whatever your dream looks like.

“Nobody - not a voice of authority, not your mama, not the foremost expert in your arena - gets to tell you how big your dreams can be.” - Rachel Hollis

I like to add to that quote - nobody gets to tell you what your dreams can be. We all have different passions in this life, so don’t let that little thief of joy, comparison, tell you that your dreams are too much or not enough.

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Since college, my dream has been to start a private practice as a nutrition therapist. I love the intersection of nutrition and mental health, and I love getting to break chains of disordered eating and body shame with people. But, I didn’t just wake up one day, snap my fingers and start my business (that would’ve been nice…). Nope, I put in a lot of work to get where I am and continue to put in work to reach where I want to be. Along the way, there are 3 things that have really pushed me to turn dreams/goals into reality.

  1. Process - I took a lot of time to process and dream up what I wanted my practice to look like. My business coach asked me a few weeks back, “what do you want to be known for in your business?” and that has been a great question to process on. Taking time to answer those questions, to brainstorm, to dream deeper has helped me grow and better define myself and my business. That may look like asking yourself the question “what do I need to do to get where I want to be”. Goal setting can be great for this. Set weekly, monthly and yearly goals and check in with the goals.

  2. Network - When I was in the early stages of my business, I made the goal to have a network meeting with 1 person per week. These were with people who were where I wanted to be or who were in similar professions. Through this, I learned valuable and realistic tips and tools that aren’t as easy to find in a Google search or textbook. For you, this may be networking with people in a city you want to move to or with new moms to learn what mom life is like. Remember - dreams don’t come in a one size fits all box so network with people who push you to your specific dream!

  3. Invest - I had one thing that was top priority in launching my business. I wanted a website that marketed who I am and what I am about in a clear and well-branded manner. I knew that was something worth investing time and money into. Maybe your goals don’t need a money invest, maybe it’s time you need to invest. Maybe you dream of writing more - go out and invest in some journals and pens and get to it.

So what is it you need to do to chase those dreams you have? Maybe you’ve wanted to chase them for years now… well let 2019 be your year to make it happen! Scratch that - get started now. You got this!

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