Let's Define It: Nutrition Counseling

I use the term “nutrition counseling” quite a bit, but I know it’s a term that not everyone is familiar with. When you hear counseling, your mind likely thinks of a therapist and may wonder what does a dietitian do in a setting like that. As my practice has been growing, I’ve been getting more questions about what nutrition counseling is and what sessions with me look like, so I decided to take some time to define it.

Nutrition counseling involves sessions with a client (or clients) discussing various health and wellness areas in his or her life that they wish to see change and improvements occur. This change could be anywhere from learning more about healthy eating, to understanding a new diagnosis and how food can improve and/or eliminate symptoms, to promoting better relationships with food and body image. I bring a non-diet and Health at Every Size approach into my nutrition counseling settings. This means the focus is less on a “one size fixes all” diet or perfect weight and more on individualized food choices and creating a healthier view ofyour body.

Focus is less on a “one size fixes all” diet or perfect weight and more on individualized food choices and creating a healthier view of your body.

In each session, we will talk through goals, barriers to those goals and problem areas you’ve identified. It often proves true that we have a lot of triggers besides smarter food choices that can impact our overall health and wellness. Stress, past body shaming experiences and comparison can be untouched areas that play a role in the food choices you make and the way you treat and love (or hate) your body. I want to journey with you in overcoming and improving any triggers that may impact the way you view food and your body.


Stepping into a nutrition counseling session, you are not stepping into an environment where you will be shamed for your choices, told a certain amount of calories to eat or made to feel like a failure. You will be encouraged, supported and educated on positive changes to incorporate into your life and eating habits. We may have several session just targeting stress/lifestyle management and body image before we get to nutrition and eating. So if you need a little support and accountability in making positive changes, I'm here to guide you. Together, we will work to reach your goals and have you on the way to a happy, healthy life!

You will be encouraged, supported and educated...

So let’s do it! Want to meet with me? It’s simple - schedule a consultation, it’s free! During that we will discuss your current eating habits and overall health journey. You will receive guidance about which Nutrition Counseling package best fits your needs and budget. 

Dylan Murphy