5 Brands I'm Loving This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - let's talk about it!

It's a day some love, some hate and some don't really care about. A day dedicated to love is SO much bigger than whether you're single, dating or married.

Honestly, you can't even love someone else well until you love yourself well.

Let me challenge you with that - instead of shaming yourself today, think of at least one positive thing you can say to yourself to love on YOU today. Maybe it's "I am smart" or "I am a great friend" or "I love my eyes".

Because I'll be the first to say, that hunk in this picture I  am blessed to call my husband - it took a lot of counseling, working through past hurt and shame and learning to love myself well before I could begin to attempt to love him the way he deserves.

And all the praise hands for the fact that we have a God who loves us so much more than we could ever love ourselves or any human being.

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On another note, and in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I want to share with you 5 brands I am loving right now!

  1. Beautycounter - Their Flawless in Five is incredible, their products are free of harmful ingredients and they are changing the game in terms of skincare + beauty products.

  2. Little Seed Farm - This farm is located outside of Nashville, and they produce some amazing products. My personal fav is their deodorants. All their products are non-toxic, high quality and cruelty free.

  3. ABLE - When you see me, 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing at least 1 (or more) items from this company. They are bringing authenticity into the fashion world and all of their products are created by women wanting to turn over a fresh page in their life.

  4. Thrive Market - I talk about this company a lot, but GAH it’s amazing. We just paid our annual membership fee ($60) and were told we saved over $600 this past year heyyyyyooo.

  5. Abode Creative Cloud - Nerding out for a second, but as a small biz owner who wears many hats, this software is game-changing. I use Lightroom for photo editing and InDesign to create my free products, meal plans + more (PTL for my gal Rachel Awtrey teaching me how to use these).

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day! You deserve it!

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