Beauty Should Be Good For You

What you put ON your body matters too!

Did you know your skin is your body's biggest organ?

I talk a lot about healthy eating in order to nourish your body well, but another factor of nourishing your body well is what you are putting on it daily.

This includes laundry detergent, hair care, household cleaners and so much more. Our skin gets exposed to a lot throughout the day and it's our job to protect it from harmful ingredients.

That's why I chose to use Beautycounter for my skincare, makeup and hair care. Because they believe that beauty should be good for you. Beautycounter advocates for safer beauty laws and changes in the skincare and cosmetic industry. Their Never List features over 1500 ingredients that you will never find in their products.

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My go-to makeup routine is Beautycounter’s “Flawless in Five” collection, which is the basic makeup anyone could need to be ready to go in 5 minutes or less. Here are the colors I use:

We all deserve better.

So next time you grab for you makeup or skincare, check to see if what you are putting on your body is contributing to your health or potentially harming it.

Want to get involved with Beautycounter? Here’s some ways you can join the movement to advocate for more beauty and skincare laws -

If any of these interest you, comment below or email me and I’ll get you on the way to safer and better beauty!

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