A Look Into My Travel Snack Bag

So last weekend, my husband and I stayed in 3 different hotels in 3 days. Yeah I know, seems odd… long story. We did get to stay at the Biltmore one of those nights so that was a win for sure!

Anyway, I get asked a lot how to stay healthy while traveling. As a major foodie, one of my favorite ways to experience a new city is through their food. ALL their food. And while some of that may look like fresh salads or hummus plates, it will also look like queso, tacos and bottles of wine.

That being said, the one thing I try to prioritize when I travel is my gut. I know my day to day routine (eating, sleeping, exercising, etc) is going to look different when I travel and I know those are key factors that influence gut health.

Quick gut health 101 for ya - our gut is made up of millions of microbes that impact our digestion, mood, energy levels, hormone balance and so much more. Our gut health is influence by food, yes, but it’s also influenced by movement, sleep, stress levels, water intake and again SO much more. It’s a fascinating little guy.

That being said, when we travel and our routine may not look like normal - our gut takes a hit. Below I’m going to share with you some travel snacks I always bring along for the journey:

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  1. KOR - I always get Gut Check, which is packed with ingredients to, you guessed it, keep your gut in check!

  2. RXBAR or ALOHA protein bars -Protein is important in the production of hormones, and the microbes in our gut can influence that production in a positive or negative way. Also protein bars that are packed with protein + health fats help to keep you full while you’re out exploring the city.

  3. Apple + nut butter - Getting in fresh produce while traveling can be hard, so snacking on an apple is a way I love to get in some fiber. Paired with nut butter to keep me full and prevent a blood sugar spike + crash.

  4. Hummus + veggies - This is another great way to get in produce, and it makes for a great snack during downtime. I love to snack on this in the afternoon before heading out to dinner - that way I make sure not to arrive at dinner absolutely starving.

  5. Sparkling water - Hydration is SO important all the time, but it’s extra important during travel because you are on the go so much and likely eating higher sodium foods and drinking non-water drinks hehe that dehydrate you. Pro tip - bring a water bottle in your purse!

  6. Popcorn - Nothing magical about popcorn, it just makes for a great snack to munch on and it’s high in fiber. Our gut loves fiber.

Don’t worry - you don’t have to have all (or any) of these specific items when you travel. I don’t have these on all my trips.

But it’s a good reminder to think about your gut. Drink plenty of water, rest well, eat some produce but most importantly enjoy yourself. Because our gut is also affected by our mood, so when we are doing things we enjoy and spending time with people we love, we are caring for our gut well too!

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