What You Need To Know About Supplements

I've never taken supplements until the past month or so. Like anything I put on/in my body, I like to do research about the products ahead of time. Yes - supplements do not have extensive research and are not regulated by the FDA. But here's a few things to consider:


What’s inside //

Our bodies have an upper limit (UL) for vitamin/mineral absorption. That means once we reach a certain level of vitamin/mineral intake in a day, our body won't absorb anymore. After that, our body just gets rid of the rest. Wasted nutrients.

I'm a huge fan of Ritual vitamins because they contain 9 essential nutrients that women are commonly low in. They have done extensive research on what nutrients should AND should not be present in our supplements due to UL limits.

Where does it come from?

Since supplements aren't regulated by the FDA, it's hard to know what goes in them. That's why companies like @ritual have my stamp of approval. Ritual lists each nutrient in their supplement, where those nutrients are sourced from, the manufacturers and so much more. This means you aren't paying money for fillers or nutrients that you aren't at risk for low levels of.

Why might I need this?

I'll tell you this - our soil is more depleted then it used to be, meaning we are getting less nutrients from our foods than we previously did. Also, unless you are growing your own produce, the food items have likely been picked days or weeks before. That means by the time the produce gets in your house, the nutrients are lower than they were at time of picking.


So if you are looking for a strong supplement, I highly recommend Ritual. It's backed by science, made by women for women and fully transparent.

Reminder: always, always consult a dietitian or doctor to find out the right supplement and/or medication for you. Information online is not individualized.