Conquering Meal Planning

Conquering Meal Planning


Do weekday meals often turn into throwing together whatever foods you can find in your kitchen and hoping it tastes good? Do you throw out unused produce because you never got around to using it? Do you find yourself calling in takeout because it’s another busy day and the last thing you want to do is cook?

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Well let me introduce you to meal planning. Meal planning is a phenomenon we see everywhere these days. It makes daily meals less overwhelming, cuts down on time in the kitchen and trips to the grocery store, and allows you the ability to take back full control of what you’re putting in your body.

With my meal plan guide, you will:

  • Learn valuable methods to map out your weekly meals

  • Understand what food groups should be present at meals

  • Gain confidence in the kitchen to make sustainable change

In order to provide you with individualized recommendations, there are not recipes provided in this guide. There are tips on how to create meals. For an additional charge, you can receive a week’s worth of individualized meals.

$75 will get you meal map guide, 30-minute phone consultation w/ Dylan and a week’s worth of meals/snacks customized to YOU