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Are you tired of the endless cycle of fad dieting?

Do you dream of the day where you can feel confident in your body?

Are you overwhelmed with all the mixed messaging?

Do you feel consumed with food thoughts?

Are you sick of late night binges after a week of restricting foods?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of those questions - you are in the right place. You deserve to feel freedom in your relationship with food and your body. The FREE Method is designed to take you from fed up to freed up once and for all!

Nutritionist Nashville, Dietitian Nashville, Nutritionist near me, Nashville Dietitian, Nashville Nutritionist

vip nutrition coaching

This is an exclusive program that provides one-on-one services completely individualized to you. The content in this program will take you from frustrated dieter to food freedom rockstar. It’s time for you to get your life back, so let’s get you there.

VIP COAChing is for the woman who is:

  • Ready to say goodbye to the restriction-binge cycle of diets

  • Desiring confidence in food choices

  • Seeking a life free of guilt and overpowering food thoughts

vip coaching includes:

  • 75 minute Initial Nutrition Consultation (in-person or virtual)

  • Bi-weekly 50 minute Nutrition Coaching Sessions (in-person or virtual)

  • 28 Day Meal Plan and ongoing recipes/meal support

  • Weekly email check-ins with Nutrition Coach (RD)

  • Ongoing email support

  • Access to online video trainings, PDF downloads and nutrition templates

  • The Free Society Membership

  • The Free Method Slack Channel

Minimum 3 month commitment

Email Nutrition Coaching

The email nutrition coaching package is a step down from the VIP package. You will receive many of the benefits from the VIP package but with less communication and in depth support. The content of this program has the same goal as the VIP - to turn you into a food freedom rockstar.

email coaching is for the woman who is:

  • Looking for continued support to break free from diets for good

  • Desiring accountability and guidance to turn habits into a sustainable lifestyle

email coaching includes:

  • E-mail review of initial nutrition/lifestyle questionnaire

  • Weekly email check-ins with feedback

  • 28 Day Meal Plan and ongoing recipes/meal support

  • Access to online video trainings, PDF downloads and nutrition templates

  • The Free Society Membership

  • The Free Method Slack Channel

Minimum 3 month commitment

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Nutritionist near me, Dietitian nashville, Nashville dietitian, Nutritionist nashville, Nashville nutritionist

When I came to Dylan Murphy, I was not confident in my own skin. I felt unhealthy and tired. Through my sessions, I gained new knowledge and tools to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable for me. Dylan created an environment where I felt free to be open about my struggles with self-image and food. I could be honest for the first time about my issues with comparison and start to deal with them in a productive way. Overall, I am on a path to a healthier future, long term thanks to my time working with Dylan.

Alana G.

Nutritionist near me, Nashville dietitian, Dietitian Nashville, Nutritionist Nashville, Nashville Nutritionist

I came to Dylan Murphy in need of reminders on how to eat simply and healthy! I was overwhelmed with my inability to consistently eat healthy. Dylan makes eating healthy easy and achievable. By concentrating on simply fitting in food groups to my meals, I feel more satisfied after eating and more energetic throughout the day. Dylan is so encouraging and realistic when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, I am SO glad I hired her!


Alexa D.


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