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constantly controlled by food thoughts?

ready to gain control in your relationship with food?

It’s time to get confidence and control back in your relationship with food and body!

A discovery call will be 15 minute phone call to discuss your current eating habits and overall health journey. We will briefly go through your nutrition obstacles, health goals and any pertinent medical conditions.  We will discuss the services the team of dietitians at Dylan Murphy Nutrition offer and how they could benefit you.

Dylan Murphy Nutrition offers in-person sessions in Nashville, TN and virtual sessions based on client’s location.


Sami M.

After years of trying all the "fad diets" because everyone else was doing it, I carried tons of guilt anytime I'd eat anything like dairy, grains, sugar, etc. Dylan's approach to intuitive eating by following what our bodies need has been so freeing for me. Her approach is realistic and sustainable for me. I'm thankful for how she empowered me to eat to nourish my body and not being a slave to a diet!


Dylan’s approach to nutrition helped me dive beyond diet culture and realize the root of my issues was not the foods I was consuming, but my relationship with those foods. Her process to bettering my relationship with food through intuitive eating and mindfulness helped ease my food anxiety. I now have the enjoyment back in my meals and snacks thanks to her help!


Chrissy H.

As a new wife, it’s easy to struggle with the constant guilt of what I’m feeding my family. Our culture has become so restrictive on food making it easy to get confused or lost. Dylan was a voice of freedom and encouragement for me. She help teach me what I healthy mindset looks like and shares her knowledge very responsibly.
— female, mid 20's
Before I came to Dylan, I was overwhelmed by how to eat healthy with my busy work schedule. As a night shift nurse, I was struggling with meal planning and eating in a way that nourished my body. Dylan took time to really listen to my concerns and recommend healthful foods that are easy to incorporate into my schedule. I’m so thankful for her help and have more confidence about making healthful choices!
— female, late 20's

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