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If you’re tired of chronic dieting, feeling controlled by food and not feeling confident in your body, this community is for you!

In a world filled with diet fads and nutrition “influencers”, it can be difficult to navigate fact from fiction. The deeper we get into diet culture, the farther away we get from listening to our bodies and eating/living intuitively. And maybe by now you know that. You have walked away from the diets and started making mindful choices, but you need help. Eating intuitively is hard work. That’s why the diets are so alluring.

Diets promise quick results without the attention to the root details.

And if you’ve tried the diet (read: diets), you’ve experienced that. You've said enough is enough. I created The FREE Society for the “recovering dieter” in you that is ready to break free… for good!

Nashville dietitian, Nashville nutritionist, Nutritionist near me

TSF is for you if you want:

  • To take your relationship with food to the next level, leaving the diets at the door

  • A support system to encourage you in the hard work that is eating intuitively and mindfully

  • To learn to love your body more

  • A place to ask your burning nutrition questions, with the confidence that you will get the evidenced-based answers


what’s included in tsf:

Monthly class

  • Live Q&A video class with Dylan to answer your nutrition, cooking and lifestyle questions

  • Access to old video classes

vip access

  • Early access to program launches, live event sign ups and more

  • Exclusive promo codes from brands and partnerships

bonus blogs

  • Member-only blog posts, diet reviews, recipes and health articles to provide deeper education

expert panel

  • Interviews with experts in the health and wellness industry on popular topics, as well as member-requested topics

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the free society will provide you the accountability and support to take your food freedom and mindful eating journey to the next level

Interested in individualized, nutrition coaching?

Learn about the FREE method here!